Business Planning Attorneys For Northwest Alabama And South-Central Tennessee 

For New Businesses in Northwest Alabama or South-Central Tennessee

Any new business should be concerned about their organizational choices and the legal contracts that form the foundation of their business operation.

Whether you are interested in a partnership or an LLC, attorneys Peter L. Paine and Michael T. Paine can inform you of your rights and options and also help you understand your obligations so that you can protect yourself and your business from liability.

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Whether you are interested in business start-up or need legal protection for your existing business, our firm can take a comprehensive approach to effectively protect your business interests and future profits.

We will take the time to understand your unique business goals and work strategically to implement necessary legal protections that will preserve your future rights and profits.

At Paine & Associates, P.C.​, we have extensive experience in helping business owners protect their rights and their assets throughout the life of a business operation.

We will take the time to understand your immediate and future objectives and take legal action to preserve your financial and business interests. Contact us to speak directly to an experienced business lawyer.

Paine & Associates, P.C. Can Assist You With All of the Following:

  • Business Organization and Incorporation:
    • We are experienced in the organization and incorporation of entities such as S-corporations, C-corporations and PC’s, LLCs, single-member LLCs, partnerships, family limited partnerships, LLPs, sole proprietorships, and joint ventures.
    • We will develop articles of incorporation, bylaws, minutes, shareholder and director agreements, and S-corporation elections, and assist in obtaining a taxpayer ID number, registration with the secretary of state, and issuing stock.
    • We also prepare articles of organization and operating agreements for LLCs.
  • Business Transactions and Contracts: Throughout the life of your business, you will be faced with employment contracts, vendor agreements, licensing agreements, and other contracts that will affect the operations of your business. We will prepare, review or modify documents, and ensure that your legal rights and obligations are clear under the terms of your agreement.
  • Purchase and Sale of Businesses: We are experienced in handling all aspects of the purchase and sale of a business and will protect your rights and investments. We are experienced in drafting buy/sell agreements, mergers and acquisitions, and protecting our clients’ financial interests in buying or selling a business.
  • Business Services and Business Planning: We handle the reorganization/business divorce/buy-sell agreements/partnership dissolution, including writing separation agreements and business succession planning.
  • Tax Planning and Auditing Services: Tax consequences can be complicated. We will review your business tax obligations and help you to reorganize to minimize your tax obligations. Our firm has extensive experience in complex tax planning and will advise you on how to protect your business and prevent undue tax liability. When necessary, we also handle tax auditing defense for our business clients.

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